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It wasn’t long after we moved into our new home that we started noticing a musty odour in our bedroom. It was more noticeable after the home had been closed up for the day while we were at work. After a few weeks, we started to find mould growing on our shoes and clothes in the wardrobes but when we found mould all over our mattress and bed, we really became worried.

We called PureProtect to find out more, we booked an assessment with their mould investigator who impressed us right from the start with his knowledge of mould and its causes and he was able to work through a thorough investigation of our home from top to bottom to identify all the problems we had with water getting into our walls and under the house.

We needed to move out and stay with friends while the work was completed, it was a big project but a necessary one, some of our contents had to be disposed of due to the mould but thankfully our home has been cleared for us to reoccupy.

We are so grateful for the professional manner in which Rob at PureProtect managed the project and recommend PureProtect with absolute confidence.

Claire and Bruce – Turramurra New South Wales

We arrived home after being away for a few days to find the ground floor level in our home completely flooded, water was spilling out the front door to meet us. Our washing machine had somehow malfunctioned and created absolute havoc in our home. We called our insurance company and they sent their representatives out to help us.

Some weeks later, we found mould appearing on gyprock walls in the downstairs area and mould growing on our furniture. We were not happy with the response we received from our insurance company so we decided to investigate this ourselves. We contacted PureProtect and told them our story and asked that they investigate our mould problem further.

We found that while some of the gyprock had been removed from our home, the timber framing was still wet and the underfloor area was still very damp. Finally our insurer accepted that the flood restoration had not dealt with all the water damage and PureProtect was engaged to complete the project. We were really pleased to be able to resolve the mould problem in our home and were very happy with the help and support provided by PureProtect.

Maureen and Dean McIntosh – Wollongong

I wanted to say thank you for the very efficient and timely work that you and your team completed. Derek was amazing; his knowledge was impressive, he had the whole project we organised and best of all we were able to move back into a mould free home. Thanks again!

Leanne – Drummoyne NSW

I would like to express my appreciation for the service from PureProtect and your staff following the recent storms in Sydney. We had a long list of properties that required prompt attention to make safe for the occupants including tenants and owners. You assigned extra resource to the projects and were able to resolve the numerous water leaks and mould problems with efficiency.

Dianne – Strata Manager Sydney

The quality of the mould reports provided by your company enables us to easily inform landlords and property owners exactly what is happening in their investment properties when it comes to mould. It is easy to blame tenants, but there is so much more to be considered other than just ventilation. We love working with PureProtect.

Alison – Property Manager Ashfield

Our neighbours had a great experience in working with PureProtect to resolve a water damage problem in their home and so when we found we thought a leaking balcony causing all kinds of damage and ugly mould growth in our living room, we took the advice of our neighbours and called PureProtect.

Right from the start, we were impressed with Derek, he conducted leak testing on our balcony so we could clearly see where the waterproofing issues were. He also advised we would need to contain the mouldy areas, we didn’t understand what containment meant, but once explained, we got it.

The project involved demolition of a large balcony area, waterproofing, removing water damaged and mouldy wall linings and ceilings, and remediating the mould. Derek and his team were easy to work with, communicated well and we were completely satisfied with the outcome.

George – Centennial Park Sydney

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