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We are experts at repairing rising damp in residential and commercial buildings including in Victorian and Edwardian structures, Californian bungalows and new brick constructions.

Rising Damp_10Rising damp (dampness) is where ground moisture containing salts rises up a masonry wall. Rising damp occurs as a result of capillary suction of moisture from the ground into porous masonry building materials such as stone, brick, earth and mortar.

The moisture evaporates from either face of the wall (inside or outside), allowing more moisture to be drawn from below. The only way to stop rising damp is by the introduction of an impermeable horizontal barrier at the base of the wall. This barrier is commonly called a damp course. Rising damp may show as a high-tide-like stain on wallpaper and other interior finishes, and, when more severe, as blistering of paint and loss of plaster.

Damp walls encourage the growth of moulds, which, may lead to health problems for occupants. Further indicators of rising damp can include fungal decay on rotting skirting boards and white floury salts on walls known as [efflorescence]. Salt attack is closely associated with rising damp it is the decay of masonry materials such as stone, brick and mortar by soluble salts forming crystals within the pores of the masonry. As the crystals grow the masonry is disrupted and decays by fretting and loss of surface skins. The salt commonly comes from the soils beneath and is carried up into the walls via the rising damp whereby the salts are left behind, slowly accumulating to the point where there are sufficient to cause damage.

A damp course may fail due to incorrect installation or when bridging occurs. A damp course may fail due to chemical attack, cracking during installation, when settling of a building occurs, when bridged by render application, by garden beds or paving, or when timber floors are replaced with a concrete slab. Rising damp can be stopped by damp proofing the wall by installing a new damp course at the base of the masonry wall. Replastering or rendering must follow all damp course installation work. Call now on 1800 664 602.


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