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Understanding the cause of mould in a property is vital so that a comprehensive mould remediation plan can be made and changes to the indoor environment can be implemented to prevent recurring mould problems.

Mould inspection_10Our technician team are certified mould investigators and has years of building and experience and has been trained to the most demanding mould remediation standards.

We provide our clients with a comprehensive mould inspection and mould assessment including a thorough visual inspection, moisture testing, thermal imaging inspections, we consider contributing air quality factors including condensation and humidity and assess the impact of water damage, water leaks, plumbing leaks, rising damp, and roof and drainage problems.

Our non-invasive mould inspections includes the use of the latest equipment and methods to inspect properties

Mould is always related to moisture problems and identifying the contributing moisture source is the most important part of our inspection process.

We provide our clients with comprehensive reports that include identification of the underlying causes of the mould contamination, a clear remediation action plan to remedy the mould problem and recommendations to prevent a recurrence of the mould problem.
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