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NSW MP Lucy Wicks calls for national inquiry into mould

NSW MP calls for enquiry into Mould Nine News recently covered a call by a NSW MP, Lucy Wicks for a national enquiry into Mould.  See the video and article by clicking here. Call now on 1800 664 602. PureProtect Services ...

Bank executive speaks out about crippling effects of mould

Bank executive speaks out about crippling effects of mould Recently, Nine News had a feature on Mark Macduffie who was a professional who fell ill from the effects of mould.  To see the full story and video visit Nine News by clicking here Call now on 1800 664 602....

Sub Floor Mould

Sub-Floor Mould What is subfloor mould? Moulds are a type of microscopic fungi that grow under wet conditions on materials with high cellulose content. Subfloor moulds are the mould varieties that can grow on the wooden subfloor materials. The subfloor of a house is...

Black Mould

Black Mould What is toxic Black Mould? Moulds are fungal organisms which exist in various forms and colours. The moulds commonly found in homes are generally grey, greyish-brown, black or greenish-black, and belong to the Aspergillus, Cladosporium and Stachybotrys...

Water Damaged Buildings

Water Damaged Buildings Exposure to water-damaged buildings causes many health effects. The complex mixture of contaminants present in the air and in the dust of water damaged buildings form levels of toxicity that can lead to a variety of symptoms commonly known as...

10 Things You Must Know About Mould

10 Things You Must Know About Mould 1. All moulds are potentially a health hazard. Mould exposure symptoms include allergic reactions, asthma and other respiratory complaints. 2. Reactions to mould vary by individual. However, those most susceptible to mould exposure...

Leaking Kitchen Plumbing Leads to Mould Contamination

Leaking Kitchen Plumbing Leads to Mould Contamination Unresolved plumbing issues are a commonly seen cause of mould contamination. When kitchen plumbing leaks are not resolved or when water damaged materials are not removed and disposed of, extensive contamination can...

Mould Contamination of Household Contents

  Mould Contamination of Household Contents Transporting and storing household furniture and contents both domestically and internationally does come with a degree of risk of mould contamination, particularly when items are exposed to high levels of humidity for...

Mould contamination from failed waterproof membrane

Mould Contamination from Failed Waterproof Membrane When waterproofing membranes fail with age or when incorrectly installed, water penetration can occur and can be a common cause of mould growth when this moisture comes into contact with porous building materials...

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