Forensic & Crime Scene Cleaning

PureProtect’s Forensic & Crime Scene Cleaning Services

We have trained and qualified technician teams that specialise in Forensic Cleaning.

Forensic_11These teams are equipped with the necessary equipment to look after the physical clean and the expertise to return the property to a safe and secure condition.

Trained professionals must complete forensic cleaning in order to protect occupants of the property. A failure to properly and safely remove all biological and chemical contaminants can pose serious public health risks for building occupants, employees and building owners.

PureProtect Technicians complete the decontamination work following strict processes using approved products and provide hygiene certification upon completion.

PureProtect provides the following Forensic Cleaning Services:
1. Disinfecting contaminated sites
2. Safe removal and disposal bio-hazardous waste
3. Crime scene cleaning

We have a highly trained team of professional staff who are here to ensure every situation is managed quickly, compassionately and effectively. Call now on 1800 664 602.

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